Izinkan aku sampaikan walau satu ayat

ballighu 'anni walau aayah. maka izinkan aku berkongsi walaupun satu ilmu.

July 31, 2011

cover our aurat, not just to wear hijab.

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suddenly, i do have an idea to share during this first ramadhan.this idea came out when i was read one status of my FB's friend.subhanAllah.dan  i thought this is one of rintihan or luahan dari pemuda-pemuda yang telus dalam ibadah ramadhannya.keep it on brothers.and i jus copied and pasted here. 

yeah. the problem was not my intent to favor the man but this is our work together to correct between each other. so, bersamalah kita ambil pandangan baik dari orang lain. 

ok. start for babbling..

First of all, I'd like to ask what are the difference of wearing hijab and covering aurat (for the girls).What is the aurat for a woman with her ajnabi or her non-mahram? ajnabi and non-mahram is the same meaning.of course everyone knows, every parts of her body except for face and 2 hands,right that is from her wrist to her finger.So, wearing only hijab without covering all other aurat, does not means you have covered your aurat. I know there's a lot of cases where the hijab girls wear sandals and their feet got exposed.(including me sometime)
So, you know what that is. They did wear hijab but they didn't cover all their aurat yet.There was a point where I thought covering aurat is just covering your hair.but, a mistake always done among us ( for girls ). our hijab is proper but some of us not hiding her shape of body. she wearing a tight jeans. a baby shirt. i know your body is categories of "slim and beauty". but, you show it with a wrong person. This is a BIG MISTAKE. A woman's aurat is everything except her face, her 2 hands and cover it properly.Covering aurat is defined like covering your shame. Why bother to wear clothes at all? You wanna cover yourself so you won't feel ashamed right? It's the same thing.

It is also for your own protection. I'm pretty sure a man can get turn on easily with woman who doesn't cover her aurat, right? Plus, man has very interesting imagination. Even with a slight glance on a woman's aurat he can fantasize about things which is a sin. lagi-lagi di bulan puasa ni. bantulah mereka dengan memelihara aurat kita. of course, they all should keep their pandangan. tapi tidak semua dari mereka have a strong enough. help them to be a good brother in islam. So, by covering your aurat you can prevent other people from sinning. It also can prevents from fitnah to happen

During this blessing month of ramadhan. xspecially for muslimat ( including me ). please do care of our dignity by covering our aurat. bagi yang masih lagi kurang sempurna,ayuh muslimat ku sayang, kita sama-sama perbaiki kesempurnaan dalam menutupan aurat. jangan risau. muslimah yang paling cantik dan sopan ialah mereka yang tutup aurat dengan sempurna dan berakhlak baik. i know out there many women abandon their duty as women and sold themselves to this materialistic world, where you can easily found them with all of their aurat exposed to the world. remembered, secantik-cantik perhiasaan adalah wanita solehah. solehah itu pakaiannya sempurna dan akhlaknya sopan.

Hidayah is everywhere. Allah is all-Giving, He puts hidayah everywhere. You gotta search for it. I mean, when you're thirsty you don't wait for the water to come to you right? You gotta look for water. If you truly seek for hidayah, insyaAllah you'll found it.

You don't have to be an ustazah to wear a long hijab. It's cliche to think that only ustazah do so. There's a case where an chemistry teacher is mistaken as ustazah by a secondry school students, just because she wore a long hijab.

Who says only ustazahs are going to heaven? All of us are entitled to heaven, insyaAllah as long we do the things that are Allah loves.

its cantik right?
ingatan untuk penulis belog ini, terutamanya
hopefully, on this ramadhan. Allah guide us and protect us from hell fire. InsyAllah. proud to be a muslim. if i'm wrong please tell me the truth. 

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