Izinkan aku sampaikan walau satu ayat

ballighu 'anni walau aayah. maka izinkan aku berkongsi walaupun satu ilmu.

July 31, 2011

tear come out

After listen what my teacher said, I realize there is so many mistake that I've been made. When I know everything will become valuable when connected to Allah, I cry and cry like a child,sad Pictures, Images and Photos because I always chase something fake, unreal. He said, when we have knowledge, the best knowledge is when that knowledge connecting us to Allah in simple word mean we always remember Allah from that knowledge. When we have money, the best money is the money we spent in Allah ways, and when we have vehicle, the best vehicle is the vehicle who already bring us to the place who connect to Allah, such as Mosque and etc.

When someone already Love Allah and Rasulullah, there is nothing to be worried about their life, because they must be believe everything is already arrange by Allah and there is nothing to be afraid off. So, beside they try the best they can do, they also will gave everything to Allah because they know Allah will give the best for us.

watched this vid. my tear came out.

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