Izinkan aku sampaikan walau satu ayat

ballighu 'anni walau aayah. maka izinkan aku berkongsi walaupun satu ilmu.

July 28, 2011

get excited! Ramadhan is near!

who is excited about ramadan next monday. Yeah eagerly waiting for ramadan cant wait by thinking of the reward we will be getting from Allah and insha Allah the positive changes it will bring in our lifes, hope may Allah make your life also from among the followers of truth. Ameen. 

May Allah protect all of us from Hell fire. Ameen.

upin ipin: 

I can't wait myself alhamdullillah. i'm looking forwards to it.upin ipin too.

Ramadan is a time of forgivness, charity, abstaining from worldly pleasures, spiritual cleansing of the heart, spending time with your family, reading the Quran, going to the masjid, and many other blessings.

Many people (especially non-Muslims) think it's only about abstaining from food - wrong. I am not assuming anything about you. Just general facts.

The gates of the heavens are open and Allah is open to mercy, guidance, forgiveness, and countless other blessings. Even after Ramadan you should try to maintain your character. Muslims worldwide are constantly trying to better themselves.

some fact for sharing:  fasting is for reducing economic expenditure or pressure, as well as practising self-restraint by reducing indulgence in personal luxury, lusts, or comfort etc. But, in reality, Muslims do the opposite! Muslims, fasting during Ramadan, practice a total orgy of eating and drinking more delicacies, albeit during night instead of day time. At nighttime meals, a typical fasting Muslim may consume double the amount of most nourishing, delicious and luxurious food items compared to his normal eating habit. Monthly expenditure for a typical family duly doubles or triples during Ramadan as compared to monthly expenditure during rest of the year. That means, during the month of Ramadan, Muslims are engaged in greater spending spree than other months of the year. Instead of sacrificing self-comfort and self-interest and luxuries, Muslims indulge in gorgeous month-long celebration of vigorous spending and eating orgies.

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